Reading coffee grounds is known since ancient times and it is no accident, that coffee is called a magic drink. Many legends say, that the coffee tree was the first plant, that God showed Adam. It is believed, that reading coffee grounds first appeared at the court of Russian tsars (in other versions – the Turkish sultans). Later, this method has spread throughout Eastern Europe.

Another version of the origin of this method assumes that it appeared in Italy, where at the end of XVIII-th century the method of divination has been developed as well as the list of symbols used in the process of it.

Reading coffee grounds considered one of the surest ways for those who wanted to know the future.

Most of us starts morning with a fragrant cup of coffee … We drink this precious drink with pleasure and find “drawings” of coffee grounds, that resemble something. However, unfortunately, only the fortuneteller can understand and interpret these symbols. It is the fortuneteller Nadezhda, who predicts fate for many years, interpreting the most intricate plots. Coffee grounds reveal the mystery in the near future, what to expect, what change is coming …

We all want to love and be loved. It is therefore not surprising that many people are interested in amorous affairs. We are anxious to know: “Who will be his soul mate?” And even to find out a little, what will be the bride or groom, we refer to the fortuneteller. They rightly do, because only fortunetellers have the opportunity to look into someone’s future.

By the way, each of us has troubles, failures in personal life. We are often tormented by doubts: whether to be with a person or not. Therefore, the fortuneteller Nadezhda will help you to make an important decision, reading the symbols of coffee grounds. Therefore, before you making a choice, drink a cup of coffee and refer to an experienced fortuneteller Nadezhda.

Huge misconception is that serious and busy people do not have recourse to fortunetellers. Businessmen are frequent guests of fortunetellers. Because they are disturbed with thousands of questions, relating to cash investments. Beginners and pros in the business are concerned especially the same question, “How matters will go?” The fortuneteller can answer this question, looking your cup. Therefore, it is worth to turn to fortunetellers, for not to be bankrupted and be aware what you need to prepare.

Experienced fortuneteller Nadezhda and coffee grounds will help you to look into your FUTURE, discover the hidden SECRETS and solve many problems. After learning the fate, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from harm and diseases. You can also look into the past, present and future of the person whom you are interested in!