Christmastide divination is one of the most mysterious and beautiful periods of the year, which falls on the winter solstice, and is considered the borderline period between the old and the new financial year. This is the time between the two major Christian holidays – Christmas Eve and the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Christmastide continue twelve days. They start from Kolyada. Kolyada came to us from pagan times. This is the oldest holiday of Slavic peoples, associated with the winter solstice. The main attributes of this holiday was the costuming, using different costumes, animal skins, masks and horns. Special holiday songs were sung. Later, with the advent of Christianity, this festival was timed to Christmas.

Already at that time, our ancestors, who professed paganism, knew that in those days, which are now referred to as the Christmastide, as they say, “the heavens open”, i.e. the line between the universe becomes very thin and transparent and the information from other worlds becomes available to the man.

In addition, it is believed that on the first day of Christmastide, the souls of ancestors come to earth, who can tell you about the future.

That is why it is better to tell fortunes at Christmas evenings – there is a high probability to get the most reliable information about things and events, which in normal times may be closed to the fortuneteller.

The information about the opportunity to meet an intended as well as on the probability to get married can be read. You can find out what the financial affairs for the coming year are going to be. Fortuneteller Nadezhda carries out Christmastide divination during all the Christmas-tide days.

  • Christmastide divination with the Tarot cards.
  • Christmastide divination in coffee reading
  • Christmastide handreading
  • Christmastide photo divination
  • Christmastide divination by the Book of Changes
  • Christmastide divination by the shadows
  • Christmastide divination on wax
  • Christmastide divination on mirrors

Here is an incomplete list of Christmastide services that Nadezhda can provide in this period.
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