Are there people not able to feelings of love?

There are no such people. They do not exist, because the instinct to love with body and soul is put initially. Yes, the body can be soothed, but it is impossible to make the soul not to feel the love. Then why people are so unhappy in love, relationships, marriage?

There are people, who are native in spirit and vice versa. Life connects different souls and people often live in incompatible pairs. So properly, but so painful. Although this point is given for the internal growth of the soul and spirit. To find the niche of your interest, to take the matter in hand. To love yourself again. To live with dignity, since born to life! Then, seeing the humility, Lord will give comforting in life, will show where to put itself entirely. Nadezhda is ready to help, understand, prompt, direct, align the situation.

It is quite difficult to find mutual understanding, but all are sincerely trying to be liked, to love and be loved. Sometimes it is very disappointing if not to recognize the false love and infidelity in time, years pass in illusions.

Moreover, is this the man, after all, is it a mutual love and is it so strong, and what to do – continue to believe, wait for the call?

What to do – to open feelings for this man, enjoy it and “fly in the clouds” or gently step aside so as not to be intrusive and not to look ridiculous?

  • Perhaps you are preparing for the wedding and have some doubts?
  • You are in confusion, love an unfree man, you do not know what to do?
  • What will be the development of relationships with selected person?
  • Long-term relationship, marriage worsens and you cannot understand the reason?
  • Your partner came from vacation and behaved differently? What are the possible consequences?

When something does not work, you have quarreled, separated, did not find understanding – it does not mean that someone is wrong or someone is bad. Simply everyone is different. Moreover, the task of each individual is to find or see the quality of the person who will understand it, appreciate and respect.

Quite often, you are inexplicably attracted to a person. You come out of relationship then come together again. It can last a lifetime. It can be explained. In addition, this explanation is a karmic meeting, a karmic union. It is impossible to live in such a way, but you also cannot live without relationships. This question also becomes clear by divination on your relationships and identifying the purpose and objectives of your meeting.

Cannot find your significant other? When will you meet him? You met a significant other and you doubt whether to marry? On the other hand, you will find more valuable and important meeting with someone, with whom you will be really happy and will live in perfect harmony? To divorce with double-crossing or he will never play false and it is possible to forgive him, forget and move on?

These are normal questions, the answers to which you can get from Nadezhda, so as not to waste precious time and to move in the right direction with confidence and conviction in the correctness of your decisions. Nadezhda has a large number of layouts on Love, Relationships, Marriage, Meeting new Partner, through which the fortune-teller Nadezhda is always ready to dispel doubts and is able to answer any questions regarding your relationships with your loved ones, relatives and dear people.