If you want your business to prosper, so that improve your financial situation – make an appointment with a fortuneteller Nadezhda or arrange a session of on-line help. Maybe your competitors or enviers used Black magic to ensure that you have lost income. People obsessed with money are capable of many things. It is possible to break a hex spell on business.

All people, with rare exception, want to be happy and rich. Therefore, it is not surprising, that the help in business, work, and finance is so important. There are so many questions and there are also many answers, please contact Nadezhda and she will help you.

  • What should I do? To change an existing work to the one unexpectedly offered. The salary is bigger, and so on.
  • When should I find a job? Already tired to search! The place I work does not suit me!
  • Is it worth to start a business in the sphere of activity I want? Is my choice correct? Will it bring me the profit?
  • I want to be very rich! Will I be ever rich and wealthy?
  • I’m going to sign an important contract. However, I have some doubts. I want to know whether it makes sense to take a chance or my suspicions are justified.
  • My business is losing money! How can I save my business? What points should I pay attention to?
  • Will my career be successful? Maybe I am destined to have my own business and I have to seek in another direction or to calm down and stop dreaming about my own business and apply for another job?
  • I’m trying, trying? Nevertheless, my business does not work. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I have to pay attention to any suggestions, which I do not pay enough attention.
  • I want to buy / sell property. Tell me a good period for the transaction or agreement. What the result will be?
    My boss is constantly finding faults with me. I think he is doing it on purpose, because he wants to fire me. Is it really so or only my guesses, having no foundations?
  • Wholesale redundancy is expected in the company I work. Will I be fired? Should I look for a new job right now?
  • When the salary will be finally raised to me? Maybe this year? I like the place I work, but I have a small salary, I have to retire, but I do not want it.
  • I cannot pay such amount of salary to my company’s staff. I want to fire a few people. But I do not know whom. Everyone is working very well. It’s hard to choose. Tell me, please, whom is it better to leave and whether is it necessary to fire somebody, so that not to regret about the loss in the future and not to destroy the company.
  • My partner offers to share our business. As a result, I can get quite a little part from our common project. How can I solve this problem? I want to calculate everything correctly and not to be left with nothing.
  • I know that one of my colleagues is unfair and causes direct harm to the company. Because of this, the company incurs losses. Please, tell me what should I do?