Long since the healers used divination by melted wax to get rid the afflicted from hoodoo or the evil eye. This method has been successfully applied in our days, as for long vista of years, separating us from our ancestors, the ailments did not change at all, the humanity afflicts.

Wax always had a special role. It helped people to tell fortunes, to do charms, to find out the future, to get rid of magic spells and evil influence (hoodoo and the evil eye). Melted wax was also used for the purpose of healing the fears and stuttering of young children. Melted wax was especially effective from various diseases, whether physical ailments or mental sufferings and hardships. The skill to work with melted wax was traditionally handed down from generation to generation. The healer Nadezhda knows the rules and the mysteries of the natural substances; of wax – to be combined with the life force – of water – to soak and clean. The wise woman Nadezhda gives the right direction to the gift of nature, healing and helping with many human problems. Melted wax breaks a hex spell, banishes fear, and takes away the fright. It is curious, that not only the healers but also serious scientists are engaged in the study of methodology of wax pouring. In fact, the use of only bee products is not fundamentally important in wax pouring, but it is most importantly, that the technique had the material having the ability of quickly trasit from liquid aggregative state to a solid state.

Previously, for this purpose, silver and tin were used… However, since historically, the wax was the most accessible natural material for our ancestors, that is why it was used for pouring. It is also important that the procedure of wax pouring should be carried out by professional, as he gets into gear both energetically and mentally. The most important thing in any psychological and esoteric work – is to follow the principle of “do no harm”.