Traditional prediction using Tarot cards is able to explain what is waiting for you, in an understandable and clear language. Each Tarot prediction depends on the question, which you cannot set to the foreteller, but keep in your head. Each card tells about the past, present or the future and slightly reveals the subject of your question.

Tarot cards store truly enormous amount of information, much more than a crystal ball or other magical attributes. Why to complicate specifically proven methods, if you can just closely touch the fate here and now. Nadezhda has a unique power; her cards always tell the truth and give only the correct information. Each client receives the right advice or important prompt, which as a result will determine his life.

Tarot divination helps to find answers to questions

  • What can happen to you in the coming year, day, month, and week?
  • To find out the attitude and feelings of your partner to you. What is he going to do? What are his plans regarding your relationships?
  • Maybe you want to know the sphere, in which you get lucky in business or career. Or to determine the reasons for the failures?
  • Whether the housing problem, inheritance, disputes with family members are going to be solved.
  • Are you going to have a vacation or business trip? What is it going to be?
  • What to pay attention and how to identify problem points in your health.
    Housing and property issues of different nature; moving and purchase of housing; what is the energy, atmosphere and the story?
  • What should I pay attention to in health deterioration?
  • Court proceedings; who will win the court and what the solution is going to be?
  • You are persecuted with troubles; and you suspect the evil eye or a curse. It is possible to determine their availability with the help of diagnostics for negative impacts and programs, as well as the person involved in it.
    And any other issues that may be of interest in our so rhythmic and unpredictable life.